Logan River Academy ("L.R.A.") is a "troubled teen industry" ("T.T.I.") facility in Logan, Utah with a long history of torturing and abusing autism-spectrum and at-risk youth.  L.R.A. survivors, former staffers and others recount sexual assaults, prolonged solitary confinement, forced injections, beatings, medical neglect and counterproductive suicide-prevention measures.

Children are placed at L.R.A. and other "T.T.I." facilities in various ways: courts put them there during divorce, custody and other proceedings; school districts spend public money to place children in the "T.T.I." through Individualized Education Plans ("IEPs"); and—despite the documentation available here and elsewhere—parents privately place their children in the "T.T.I."

Children have also been rescued from L.R.A. (and other "T.T.I." facilities) by concerned parents, siblings and other family members.  Shut Down Logan River Academy was founded in 2013 by Dana and Martin Gottesfeld while they fought to rescue Dana's brother.

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